Saturday was a very successful adoption day. First, this happened…

And then, this happened…

Spritz went to a home with a one-year old cat, and Fizz and Bubbles got adopted together! What’s more, the couple that adopted Fizz and Bubbles decided to adopt another 5-6 month old kitten named Skylar. She was a sort of feral-turned-around, and she looked a LOT like Summer:

Isn’t that wonderful? I’m so happy that all our Effervescats have gone to wonderful homes, even though I know I’m going to miss them. Oh, and I still have more pictures of them to share this week!

One of my favorite last pictures of Spritz. SO beautiful!

Pepsi the poser.

Sleepy girl.

Sleepy Bubbles.

Pretty little Sparkle, hanging out on the cat tree.

It’s certainly much quieter in the foster room without all the crazy monkeys. It’s hard for me to tell if Mimosa is missing them or not. She has been extra-lovey towards me since they were adopted (though theoretically that could also be because she might be in heat.) We’ll have her for a few more weeks at least, so we’re looking forward to the chance to spend some time with her and get to know her.