I scheduled this to post this this week, but it didn’t get posted. Sorry, guys!

Such a gorgeous mom (and so much easier to photograph than the kittens, I must say!)

No, I can’t keep my hands off these kittens. I’m not handling them very much while they’re still so tiny, though. I mostly just like to gape at their cute faces all day.

Sweet girl.

Snug as a bug.

That’s my sweet, wonky little Shorty!

He’s SO handsome.


Half Pint has a skeptical.

“I can has feather?”

Half-Pint and Teeny in the same picture, again! I love how they’re both looking slightly off-kilter in the same direction (you KNOW what they’re looking at).

Teeny is just amazed by those feathers, and Half Pint is off to CATCH ’em.

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