So, you want to know about my new foster, don’t you?

This is the season when I usually foster an adult cat or two because there aren’t that many kittens around, and this year is no exception. This floofy white girl was brought to the shelter as a stray. She was held there for two weeks and although she had a flea collar, no one claimed her.

I call her Katarina.  She has a very quiet, mellow personality, though she’s been sneezing a bit since I got her home, so perhaps she doesn’t feel well. I think there is a possibility that she is deaf because she does not seem to react when I clap at her, but I’m not sure. Today, she goes to the vet so we can determine if she is spayed and combo test & vaccinate her.

Looking back at my pictures of her so far, they originally weren’t too great – you’d think black cats would be the hardest to photograph, but white cats are a challenge because 1) their eyes look dark in comparison to their light fur; 2) the camera wants to meter off of their fur, which means their fur ends up all gray-looking; and 3) the color balance reflects strongly in the whiteness of their fur (hence the black-and-white conversion in my next photo). I’ll try to get some more photos this week with some better lighting!

Welcome Katarina!

Don’t worry, Rose. You’ll always be my pretty girl!


  1. she’s a cutie. we had a deaf kitten once – after he stalked the vacuum cleaner and missed dinner a couple of times (seriously…what kitten doesn’t know the sound of the pop top), we did a few more “unofficial” tests and were pretty sure he couldn’t hear.

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