Connie said:¬†my goodness.. that second to last photo.. please tell me you photoshopped those eyes ūüôā


I most certainly did NOT, her eyes really and truly were that color, and I have the pictures to prove it!

IMG_3107Another shot from that photo session.

IMG_2970To be honest, I was looking for an excuse to share more pictures with you, because her eyes were just stunning.


IMG_3024I often¬†wondered what type of breed she might be to have those striking orange¬†eyes – my first thought was a British Shorthair, but she didn’t have the distinct rounded face of a British Shorthair, so maybe she had some Chartreux in her or even a¬†blue Burmese. It’s fun to guess (but I have to laugh when rescue people say every domestic longhair kitten is a Maine Coon or every plain old tabby cat is a Bengal!)


Her name was Sophia, and I fostered her almost a year ago now. She was at the pound for two months before I picked her up, and because she was a nursing mom, the shelter workers¬†put every orphaned kitten on her. She was with two kittens when I pulled her – one of those kittens sadly passed away, and the other kitten was Finn, who I mentioned before in this post. She was a really sweet girl, and she found a great home. I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I had her!