5-22-17 A lot has happened this week

So, I must admit I have been keeping a secret from you this week.

You remember, of course, Harmony, the mom to our four beautiful Musicians. And you remember, of course, when I posted about how Harmony was going to be adopted, and then she was going to be returned due to her behavioral issues, and then the adopter decided to continue working with her.

Unfortunately, I received an email from Harmony’s adopter that things had gotten worse – not only with the destructive behavior/clawing at the door and incessant yowling, but also with her trying to dart out the door. At first, we suspected that some ovarian tissue was left behind when she was spayed, causing her to go into heat. So we brought her to the vet, who ran a prelimary test and determined that she did not show elevated estrogen levels which would indicate she was in heat. The adopter also mentioned that Harmony was vomiting a lot, and the vet thought that her issues might be tied to a gastrointestional problem. So Harmony got a cerenia injection and some GI food. None of the other tests showed anything abnormal.

We decided that I would bring Harmony back home with me to evaluate her and try out her new diet. That was about two weeks ago. And… viola, no vomiting, no clawing, no yowling (although she is naturally a talkative cat). The reason I didn’t mention it before now is because I wanted to figure out exactly what was going on before I explained it.

I know Harmony’s adopter really loved her and I am grateful that she tried to make it work. I am also grateful that we have the opportunity to find Harmony a wonderful new home – and we get to enjoy her sweet self while she’s here. Have I mentioned that she has filled out a lot? And she is GORGEOUS!

Over the weekend, Mimosa went to stay at Petco for a few weeks. Hopefully she’ll be adopted soon! (But if not, we’ll bring her back here for a break.)

Bettie goes for surgery this morning. We are keeping all our fingers and paws crossed that the surgery works.I’ll let you all know as soon as I have an update! She is the sweetest little girl EVER.

And, if you thought the weekend hadn’t been busy enough, we added eight (!) new fosters to the house this week.

If you follow our Facebook page, you might have already met this tiny tuxie girl. I pulled her from the pound on Saturday. She’s about eight or nine weeks old, and oh so shy, but if you let her come to you, she loves to be petted and purrs so loudly. She’s tiny and in need of some special care, but we’ll soon get her back on track. Oh, and we have decided to call her Squeek!

And as for the rest of our new fosters, meet…




Oakley and Colby.



And Blaze.

(There’s a momma cat, too, hence the eight new fosters – I just haven’t gotten a good picture of her yet. She looks a lot like Cory.)

The first three – Cory, Oakley, and Colby – are from one litter, and the last three – Chessie, Fawn, and Blaze – are from a younger litter. We’re not exactly sure which are the mom’s biological kittens, but I suspect that the older ones are. They’ll be here for about two weeks while their foster mom is on vacation.