5-25-17 Bettie update

Bettie is back with us now and she’s doing really well. She is on a number of pain meds and antibiotics and has to be kept quiet (no jumping or playing) for several weeks, so she’s set up in the kitten pen. Since we want to disturb her as little as possible, she’ll probably be with us for the next week or so, at least until we get her stitches out.

Her incision:

I thought you guys might find this interesting. This is the X-ray that showed the bullet in her spine:

And the surgeon gave us back the BB that he removed:

The tube there says “hair in spinal column”. I guess that means the BB hit her with force so that the hair ended up in her spine… well, you know.

The surgeon was optimistic about how it went, but it will be a few weeks before we know if she’ll regain full use of her leg. She is such a fighter and just keeps purring. Please, if you can, keep your precious kitties inside so they never ever have to face this type of cruelty.

And a few kitten pictures to lighten the mood after all that:

Floofy Cory, and…

tiny, sleepy Chessie.

Good news! Although the mama cat tested positive for FIV, the three older kittens – Cory, Colby, and Oakley – were tested today, and they tested negative. Yay! We don’t realy know if the older ones are actually her kittens, which means the three smaller ones might still be positive for FIV, but… I guess we’ll see when we get there.

And the ever-beautiful Harmony, just to round it out!