5-29-17 Getting to know the kittens

I swear, Oakley looks so soft and fluffy, I don’t know what to do.

He’s like… he’s like… what is it they call ’em? A marshmallow.

I love me a girl with some tortitude.

Know what’s even sweeter than a kitten?

A sleeping kitten.


No. Nothing sweeter.

Colby here reminds me of someone.

I just can’t think who…


maybe it’s those twins we had last year, Honey Pie and Pinkie Pie!

I mentioned they have a mom, right?

Her name is Roxie.

She has a glorious tail. Believe me, this doesn’t even do it justice.

She actually reminds me a lot of Sugar Pie, except she has white on her.

Bettie is still doing pretty well. No noticeable improvement in her walk yet – I’m not exactly sure how long it should take. And she is still wearing her cone, but she’s allowed to have it off when I’m with her to make sure she doesn’t lick her incision. I expect she’ll be able to get the cone off once she gets her staples out later this week.

Poor Harmony, I think she gets lonely by herself all day, and with four rooms of fosters there is only so much attention I can give her. I have a good idea for a video to make for her and I am planning to make that this week to try to get her adopted.

Oh, how I adore this tiny girl!

We’re still working with her, try to get her over her shyness. She always wants to play, but either she’s too afraid to sit in one place for long or she has too much energy, because she always runs away and then runs back to attack the toy. She’s a funny girl – she is all over you if you’re still and quiet, but she’s afraid of any sudden movements or loud noises. We will keep working with her, and she will probably get vetted this week so we can put her with another kitten buddy. Did I mention I adore her and I’ve started calling her Princess?