5-30-17 It’s always hard waking up on the Tuesday after a holiday.

Chessie and Fawn would like just a few more minutes to sleep in, thank you.

Colby looks about as happy as I’m sure many of us did this morning.

“Pleeeeeease don’t make me get up yet, mom!”

“Just… a few… more… min…zzzz.”

They look so content there together.

Prince Colby will take some persuading before he leaves his posh pillow.

So sleeeeepy.

Not now, says Cory. NOT NOW.

“Whaddya mean we have to get up and go to kittergarten?”

Apparently Colby was ready to go.

Blaze says, “If THEY’RE all going back to sleep… that means I can too, right?”

(Fawn totally fell asleep like that.)

He’s just so precious! How could I possibly wake him up, anyway?

Hey, wait a minute…

They’re KITTENS! They don’t have to wake up early on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Monday, or any day!

“That’s right. See ya, humans!”