Hey, guess what!

This was Mimosa’s neck one month ago:

And this is her yesterday:

And a view from below:

The pictures speak for themselves, don’t they? Woohoo!

So that’s the good news. (Oh, and the other good news is that her spay went well.) The bad news is that she still seems rather out of sorts. More irritable than she usually is, and her appetite has dropped off. The tests the vet ran last week didn’t show anything conclusive, and she didn’t have pyometra (though she was in heat). Maybe she’s still feeling hormonal? If she’s not improving soon, we’ll be back to the vet again.

Oh! More good news! You remember this face?

That’s Mitzi, the sweet little calico girl who was with us for a couple of weeks and then went off to another foster for the past couple weeks. Just this past Sunday, she went out on trial! Hopefully, we’ll soon be able to share the good news that her adoption has been finalized.