Scooter’s Ears of Annoyance may not be as intense as Blaze’s, but they’re still intense.

Floofy muffin.

Close-up. Hello, Yahtzee.

Trying to catch their beautiful markings.

shocked face

Yoyo and her white tip.

Sitting pretty.

Teddi’s a mermaid.

Have I ever mentioned that Yahtzee has a gray stripe down her nose? Look closely…

Yoyo, on the other hand, has an all-brown nose.

But they’re BOTH beautiful!

Guess who I got to meet yesterday?

You recognize this face, right?

It’s Squeek! She’s grown SO MUCH in the month since we last saw her, hasn’t she?

Here are her buddies.

This is Clyde.

And this is Bonnie. (I love this picture!)

Bonnie and Clyde are about four months old, and they’re a lot bigger than her, so they’re going to a different foster home, and Squeek is going to go with another kitten that’s more her size. The poor kittens have been juggled around to a lot of different foster homes these past few weeks! I guess it’s all good for their socializiation, though.