Hi, beautiful mama.

Her eyes are SO COOL


Hanging out together on the dog bed.

“What??” (Little Miss Innocent.)

Colby… Guarding the litter box? Do you need a password to enter?

Squeek has the most remarkable pink nose.

Look at those crazy whiskers!

I want to kiss her! (Oh, wait, I CAN kiss her. She’s right upstairs!)

One thing I’ve noticed about Harmony, is that she loves to look out the window.

Do you SEE that little fang? Silly girl, she thinks she’s a vampurr. 😀

Yesterday Roxy and her kittens went back to their original foster, who is back from vacation. We found two kittens to pair Squeek with and sent them to live with a new foster. So we have said farewell to them for now, but I’ll be sure to let you all know when they’re adopted.

Bettie had her followup appointment with the surgeon yesterday. She got her stitches out and no longer has to wear her cone. Her incision is almost healed – I’ll try to get a picture this weekend. Oh, that is the thing – she did not go home as planned because her originial foster doesn’t have a place to keep her confined. So we will probably have her for another two weeks.

Mimosa has not yet been adopted so she may be coming back this weekend as she has been at Petco for two weeks.