We interrupt your regularly scheduled post for an important announcement…


This is Peach Face (not her real name, obviously). She’s got a tail – it’s just tucked behind her in this picture. Her tail is all dark, she has one orange-colored foot, and her face is slightly more orange-y than…

… her sister White Tail, who has a more grayish-colored face, all gray feet, and a white tip on her tail.

Then we have their brother Graybie.

And their brother Floofernutter, AKA Mr. Floof.

They were surrendered to the pound sometime this week, so I’d guess they were an accidental litter born to somebody’s pet, or the litter of a stray cat who turned up on someone’s doorstep (although if their mother was a stray, I’d imagine she’d have been surrendered with the kittens, unless she was feral, or the person that found her decided to keep her, or the kittens were found but not the mom). We got them yesterday, and boy were they LOADED with fleas, but we’ve (hopefully) eradicated that by now.

They are very sweet, and very crazy too, and they definitely need to learn how to be gentle with their claws, but we’ll work on that! We will be thinking of names for them and obviously taking lots of pictures this weekend.