7-3-17 Trying to get a picture of all the kittens

This weekend, this happened…

Going to miss my sweet Teddi boy. But I’m SO glad he’s gone home. Now I just wish his siblings would get adopted!

Hey look… I got two! (Chessie and Blaze)

Three tails in one picture! That’s something, right?

Getting closer here…

You can see at least one eye on each kitten. We’re getting there folks…

Blaze, where are you?!

Here we are! Purrfect!

I made the same attempt with the toy kittens…

Three out of four!

Yahtzee does her meerkat impression.

Sisters. Yahtzee, get your face looking this way!

We are (sigh) getting a mom and three new kittens today. They’ve been with another foster for the past couple of weeks, but they need somewhere else to go. One of the kittens is spoken for and will go home this weekend. The other two kittens, I’m sure, will get adopted eventually, but I’m getting rather worried that we’ll now have FOUR mama cats as fosters and they need to get adopted! I’m going to talk about doing a special adoption fee for mama cats soon, maybe after a few more of the kittens go.

I’ll be sure to get some pictures of the new fosters today so I can introduce them to you tomorrow.