Hey, happy Fourth of July! Want to meet our new fosters?

(Sorry for the bad lighting in these pictures. They’re in the bathroom and there’s no window.)

This is Mama: Also known as Diana.

Isn’t she beeoooooutiful?

She had a bad burn on her back when she came to us, but it’s mostly healed up now. I’ll see if I can find the original picture that we took upon intake.

This is Diana’s daughter Harley.

Looks like Blaze, Fawn, Yoyo, and Yahtzee, doesn’t she? Tis the season for torbies.

This is Jules.

She is not, in fact, Diana’s daughter, but Diana nursed her from when she was just a wee thing – probably two weeks old – and orphaned.

The kittens are about 12 weeks old. They may only be our fosters for a short while, if another foster is available to take them, since we have so many at the time. I’m hoping adoptions will pick up after people are home from their Fourth of July vacations.

Bettie, you’re the epitome of a Got Milk commercial.

Bettie also may be going back to her original foster soon. She has a physical therapy appointment this Friday and will most likely be leaving us after that. Right now I can’t see that there’s been any definite improvement in her leg, but the vet thinks the nerves will take a while to regenerate (if they’re going to), so I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Hey, can you believe it’s been a year since I introduced you to the Monkeys? 😭