I have been bringing Yoyo, Yahtzee, Scooter, and Teddi in with Roxie and kittens for short visits to introduce them to each other. Yesterday morning I brought Yoyo and Scooter in the foster room with Roxie and kittens and left them there for most of the day. They were pretty hissy and growly at first (especially Blaze), but now they mostly get along with only the occasional hiss or growl. Roxie does hiss at them if they come too close, but she’s okay as long as they respect her space. I have pretty much decided to leave them together full-time and let them sort out those last few wrinkles.

Kitten consolidation accomplished!

Believe it or not, Blaze is actually quite fine with the new kittens now, while Scooter is the instigator of most hisses!

Same place, same position, different kitten.

I’m not sure if they’re getting along better now because I’ve been trying to introduce them for a while now, or because there are only two new kittens and it’s less overwhelming.

Chessie is a handsome boy.

SO handsome!

The reason I don’t get many pictures of Fawn is because she’s always in my lap. I had to take her off and put her in this bed to get this picture.

Is it too much to hope that Roxie will become a kitten matriach like Summer? Poor Roxie! She’s probably thinking that we just got rid of the LAST three kittens and what are all these new kittens doing here?! At least she doesn’t have to nurse them this time, right?