Mimosa got to come home from Petco for a break. Poor girl has not had anyone interested in her, not one. So we switched her out and left Diana there instead. She has gotten… well, she’s a little chubbier than when she left here, that’s all. 😀 We will make sure to give her plenty of playtime this week.

Poor Harley is by herself now that Diana has gone to Petco. I’m going to introduce her to the other kittens soon, but she’s had loose stool this past week and I want to make sure that’s cleared up before I introduce her to anybody. Actually, what I really want to do is introduce her to Mimosa and have them be instant buddies so that we can make a great story about how all Mimosa’s kittens and Harley’s siblings were adopted and then they found each other.

Roxie, you’re looking extra beautiful this morning.

Roxie seems none too pleased with the kittens these days, even occassionally hissing at Blaze, Chessie, or Fawn if they come too close, but she mostly ignores them if they stay away from her. I’m sure she’d be none too pleased to have Harley join them.

Blaze, you’re the cutest kitten ever.

Yes, Chessie sleeps like this. And when he wakes up, he pushes himself around with his back legs like a snake.

Yoyo, your kitten-zipper is showing!

Fawn, you’re the cutest kitten ever. What? I just said that about Blaze? No I didn’t.

Scooter, my boy! He and Yoyo are so sweet. They sleep with me every night and purr their silly little heads off, demanding attention.