7-20-17 Shooting in the dark

Last night, I broke the golden rule in the photography book, and took a few literal shots in the dark. I delibrately photographed the kittens at night, in the darkness, with only a lamp for light.

Certainly, their eyes are much bigger in the darkness, which gives them an extra boost in the cuteness department.

I turned the aperture as low as it would go to f/1.8, which is where it normally is, anyway, and turned the ISO up quite high to 1600 in order to increase the light sensitivity. The lightbulb I used has a cool tone and it’s meant to mimic daylight or natural light. I tried to get the kittens facing the light, if possible.

The shutter speed was set very low, about 1/20 or 1/25, so I set the camera on the floor to keep it steady, or tried to prop it up on my knee or other nearby object. Certainly, you won’t get any action shots with this kind of lighting!

The only one who I didn’t get any really good pictures of was Scooter. Overall, I’m glad that I tried it, but I do think there’s a certain allure to a well-lit photograph. In these portraits in the dark, their faces seem softer, more gray, less vibrant, perhaps. Perhaps I will try it again in the future using a few more lamps, but for now I may stick to the good ol’ sun.

As a side note, we acquired a new location at Pet Valu and normally we can’t have FIV cats at Petco, but we can have them at Pet Valu. So we left Roxie there for a week or two. With Diana at Petco, this means there are now six kittens plus two mamas (Mimosa and Harmony) in the house.¬†OH, I wish some of these kittens would get adopted! When I agreed to take Roxie and kittens a month ago, I never dreamed I’d have them all this long.