7-24-17 Fawn

Today’s post is all about Fawn.

This is what Fawn looked like when she first came to me at the end of May:

And this is her now:

She’s all grown up! :sob:

I swear, the family that adopts Fawn is going to be the luckiest family on the face of the planet, because she is SUCH A LAP CAT. You can’t really tell in this picture, but I had to lean way back because she was sitting on me.

I mentioned way back when that the girls (Blaze and Fawn) were the friendliest of the litter, and Chessie has certainly come a long ways since then, but it still hold true for Fawn.

I mean, you go into the foster room and all the other kittens are prancing around, and Fawn immediately plops herself in my lap and starts purring up a storm.

And her coloring. Don’t even get more started on those multicolored spots – you’ve heard all about ’em by now.

Frankly, I’m quite surprised that no one has seen all Fawn’s wonderful qualities and snatched her up. I was so sure that she and Blaze and Chessie would be adopted so quickly! We love you, sweet Fawn, and we hope that very soon, a wonderful person comes along to make you part of their family.