7-25-17 Yoyo

Today let’s talk about Yoyo.

If Fawn is a lap cat, then Yoyo is the snuggliest kitten in the world. Every night, she curls up right next to me and falls asleep on me.

Somehow she always gets the pillow, and I have to wedge myself around her. It’s worth it, though.

This girl can purr up a STORM.

And those swirls. Can we please take a minute and talk about those swirls? The best way I can describe her is like silky caramel chocolate ice cream. All those shades of orange and brown.

Yoyo is quite adventuresome, too. When the foster room door is opened, all the kittens come running out, but Yoyo is always the first one to leap over the gate and start running off to the next planet. My way of catching her involves waving around a feather toy and then scooping her up. She simply can’t resist feathers.

Yoyo is such a beautiful, sweet girl with a ton of personality, and I hope that she finds a family to match her active and affectionate nature.