7-28-17 Scooter

Scooter, Scooter, Scooter. What is there to say about Scooter?

Well, we’ll start here: Like his sister Yoyo, Scooter is a snuggler.

Purrs like crazy, loves attention, loves to be picked up, has beautiful golden eyes, chases anything that moves.

He’s been known to attack unusual things, like socks and camera straps. He’s as gentle as a lamb with people, though.

And did I mention how photogenic? Oh, yes. If you need a cat to fill your camera roll and spruce up your Facebook cover photo, Scooter’s your man. Uh, not that that’s the only reason you should adopt a cat.

Scooter’s such a sweet, easygoing little guy. He goes to his forever home with Blaze tomorrow, and I know he’ll bring a lot of happiness and fun to his family.

Next week we’ll be featuring Harley and each of our mama cats.