7-26-17 Chessie

Today’s post is all about Chessie.

This was Chessie when he first came to me at the end of May:

And this is him now:

Oh, he’s gotten so BIG!

Chessie is the sweetest boy around.

He lurrrrves his hammock.

He loves belly rubs, and his purr is like a motorboat.

He’s so sweet I can’t bear it.

I always kind of imagined Blaze and Fawn being adopted together, but it would be just as wonderful if Chessie were adopted with either of them. For that matter, Chessie could be adopted with Yoyo or Scooter, or he could even be adopted with another dog or cat. He’s just such a loveable little boy and wherever he goes, I know he’ll fit in just fine.