8-1-17 Hello there

Today I was going to continue with posts about each of our mama cats, perhaps featuring Mimosa next. However, that has to be put on hold for now, as I have something else to write about today.

We have a new foster cat.

Hi there, darling.

She has the most beautiful stripes – gosh, you’ve GOT to see these markings.

She looks like a Bengal, no?

“Lady, you is not fooling me. You’re not looking at my stripes, you’re looking at my BELLY.”


“My eyes is up HERE, lady.”

She is, indeed, pregnant. She was found by a mechanic at the back of an auto store and was brought to a rural shelter along with five other cats – three were nursing mothers, and the other two gave birth after arriving at the shelter. She had been in a cage at the shelter since June 15 – a full month and a half. I couldn’t get her out of my head, and on Friday afternoon I looked up the shelter hours and found that they were only open till 12 PM and closed the entire weekend (and it was 12:40). Like I said, this was a rural shelter, and no one comes to adopt – they rely on rescues closer to the city to come and get these cats. I emailed the shelter and told them that I wanted to take her. The entire weekend I was SO WORRIED she’d be having those kittens and I wouldn’t get to see her, but here she is and still pregnant.

Given how long she was in the shelter, we’re determining that she’s at least 47 days along, due August 17 at the very latest. I have been watching her and have not seen any kittens moving in her belly. Here’s the tough part: The shelter did not know she was pregnant when she first came in and vaccinated her for feline leukemia and distemper. And… she’s bleeding, which is really not a good sign when it comes to pregnant cats. It can, in fact, be a sign that they’re aborting the kittens. We have an appointment for her with the vet this morning, and we’ll likely be doing an ultrasound or x-ray depending on what the vet recommends. Keep in mind, though, that these kittens may not survive and I’m sure they could use all the positive thoughts and prayers you have to spare right now.

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably saw that I posted a few updates on the pregnant kitty yesterday. However, I must admit I was keeping a secret from you:

We didn’t just get a pregnant cat… we also got six kittens.

Two black, two gray, two tabby, all about 5-6 weeks old. They are TINY.

This little gray one is a boy. The other gray tabby is a girl, and one of the black ones is a girl; all the rest are boys.

Beautiful blue eyes.

So, I really did not intend to go to the shelter and come home with a pregnant cat AND six kittens, but you know… these things just seem to happen. These six were in the cage next to the pregnant kitty and their mom was pulled by another rescue. They were looking at me through the cage bars and meowing their sad little meows and… well, what was I supposed to do? They all got Capstar and a bath and three plates of wet food, and they now reside in the bathtub. Now they may not be with us very long if we can find another foster to take them, so don’t get tooooo attached.