8-15-17 Harmony

I don’t post nearly enough pictures of beautiful Harmony, so I thought I would take the opportunity to make today’s post all about Harmony!

First thing you should know about Harmony: She loves taking selfies!

Selfie from today.

And selfie from last year. July 24, 2016, to be exact!

When she’s not taking selfies, Harmony loves to be hanging out with you. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing – getting petted, snuggling, playing, eating – I think she’s just happy as long as someone is with her!

Harmony is an excellent naptime companion and is happiest when she’s curled up napping alongside you.

I’ve always thought this summed up Harmony’s personality pretty well. I took it last December when she was at Petsmart. What a crazy, silly, fun girl she is!

One more shot to admire her gorgeousness.

I think Harmony would love, love, love a home where she can be the center of the action, maybe a family with kids. She might even be good with a quiet couple as long as they’re home at lot. I know she really would be happiest as an only kitty, with all the attention and love for herself. I want to believe the perfect family is out there for every kitty… it just takes longer for some.