Half-Pint and Teeny always seem to be posing together!

Check out Teeny’s goober-face in the background. Heh.

These boys. <3

All my pictures are of Teeny today. He’s such a photogenic creature.

Pretty, pretty, pretty boy!

Shorty has LOVELY mustard-colored eyes.

Look, it’s the rare Mini creature!

More Teeny.

Because really, who has enough Teeny in their lives? No one, that’s who.

Harmony really has the perfect temperment. Loves to be held like a baby. Loves playing with toys and chasing the ball ’round and ’round the turbo scratcher. Loves sleeping next to you and will touch you softly with her paws to make sure you’re still there and ok. Loves greeting you with her sweet trilling meow. Loves making biscuits and having her belly rubs. What did I tell you? The perfect cat.

Hey, Rose, don’t feel left out; you’re really sweet too! A wee bit more timid perhaps, but just as snuggly.