This weekend, Mimosa went to a new foster home. Saying goodbye to her was hard – I’ve had her for almost eight months since all her kittens were adopted, and I felt the little tug of wanting to keep her till she was adopted and see her through. However, no one has come up to adopt my sweet girl and I know she’ll get more attention in her new foster home where she’ll be the only pet. I’ll keep you updated!

Half-Pint gets a touch of sun.

Teeny surrounded by his snowmen friends.

“Juuuuust prepping for winter!”

Short is so so so HANDSOME.

Pip is the prettiest little girl; however, it’s difficult to get pictures of her because she’s always on the move!


Beautiful Rose!

Look at that perfect eyeliner.

This picture sums up Harmony’s personality pretty well. Such a LOVAH.

Her coloring is so gorgeous.