9-4-17 Kitten Glamour Shots

I love posing the kittens on the turbo scratcher. I don’t know why, maybe they just look good on teal? 😀 Anyway, here’s their glamour shots!

Shorty –

I love how soft and detailed his fur looks in this picture. It makes me want to pet him! I mean… I DO wish I could pet every single kitten in the world, because they’re so soft and fuzzy and cute.

Raise your paw if you love FEATHERS! Even stubby feathers that have been chewed off the end of a stick by many generations of foster kittens!

Half Pint –


He can’t help it, he has the Eyes of Wonder.

Mini –

Such a lovely girl!

“You mean if I look THIS cute, someone will come along and adopt me??”

Not yet, Mini. First you have to get through your course of Metronidazole!

Pip –

The OTHER lovely girl in this litter!

Last but not least, Teeny –

The handsomest boy I’ve met all month!

Rose gets a glamour shot too!