So here are the new guys!

Little boy.

Little girl.

And their beautiful Mum.

I love how you can just barely see her daughter cuddled beneath her.

Paws UP!

The boy is the photogenic one.

They are TWINS, and they are adorable.

You can tell them apart because the girl hasĀ a white blaze down her forehead.

They are SO SWEET, and I’ll definitely be obsessing over their cute faces and taking tons of pictures – hopefully I’ll get more of the girl!

Because when there are literally TONS of soft things to sleep on in the kitten room, you should obviously choose the turbo scratcher.

How can you argue with someone who looks so comfortable?

Shorty, hanging out on the cat tree.


And in the hammock!


What can I say? When a boy and his turbo scratcher find true love, you just can’t interfere.

He’s my beautiful boy! :sob:

Can you believe he was THIS small when we brought ’em home, two months ago?I can’t!