Normally, I don’t use photo backgrounds, preferring to photograph my kittens in their natural habitat. However, I happen to have a fabulous orange background, and with the leaves starting to turn, I thought I’d break it out and snap some shots!

Teeny, half-on the backdrop and half-off. I’m convinced the orange is reflecting in his eyes.


Cute shot of Pip with the leaves in focus. I think this looks like it could be a fall school portrait, no?

Keeping an eye on her siblings.

Pip was one of my more willing subjects. Even though I tried for a long time, Shorty wouldn’t pose and sit still for me on the backdrop. No fall photo shoot would be complete without a black cat, though. So…

I persuaded Half-Pint to ham it up for just a minute, and he reluctantly agreed before dashing off to play with Shorty again.

Teeny, in a moment of goofiness.

“I WILL pose for you. Just not on that weird orange thing,” says Mini.

He IS a beautiful boy, even without an orange backdrop to match his eyes.

Here’s a peek at the new babies!



More about them tomorrow!