Hello, shy one.

Aren’t they the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen in your entire life? (You’d better say so to this proud foster mom.)

Learning to lick.


Their favorite game is King (or Queen) of the Hill.

I love Ember’s blue eyes; gotta enjoy them while they last!


Who’s a pretty boy? Who has pretty eyes?

Half-Pint is very, VERY focused on that feather.

Mini and Half-Pint are easier to tell apart in pictures than in real life. They start to look more alike every day!

Yes, Pip, you’re a pretty girl, too.

“I believe I can flyyyyyy….. I believe I can touch the sky.” thinks Half Pint.

So, after four rounds of dewormer, one course of Ponazuril, two rounds of Panacur, a grain-free high-protein diet, every probiotic on the market, a total of nearly 30 days of Metronidazole, four weeks of Tylan (and one more to go), at least five fecal tests and one PCR, at least a gallon of bleach (okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit, maybe), and countless litter pan liners and puppy pads, I still. can’t. figure. out. why. the. Munchkins. still. have. DIARRHEA!! My last hope is that their guts need to re-balance their good bacteria and that loading them with more probiotics once they finish their Tylan *might* help.