Pink lips and soft, squishy cheeks. These kittens are killing me with their cuteness.

Look who has peepers!

The lil guy has no eyeballs yet. He is behind in the eyeball race (or maybe he’s just always sleeping).

He’s safe between mama’s legs…

… and she in mama’s arms. Aww.

“You can’t have dis.”

Sweet, sweet babies. I can’t wait for their eyes to open all the way!

Sleepy Wednesday.

Kittens look so meditative and peaceful when they sleep. (Any guesses – Half-Pint or Mini?)

I almost wish I could be a kitten so I could snooze all day.

Of course, it’s not often that you see them sitting this still. Most of the time they’re zooming around at 355 miles per hour.

So deceptive, these kittens.

Mini thinks she can be invisible.

Apparently, Teeny’s legs make a very soft and comfortable sleeping cushion for Mini.

(Ok, so you know, I did post this on Monday by accident. I got all my pictures of Rose and the Munchkins together this week, so I only have to add my pictures of the babies each day. So even if you saw these pictures ahead of time, at least you can enjoy the new pictures I added of the babies.)

Rose will have you know that she isn’t sleepy… she’s just enjoying a head rub.