I’m sure the Lightning Bugs are having a secret Lightning Bug meeting, and I’m not invited. Or maybe they’re just mad at me for waking them up.

Their walrus whiskers kill. me. dead. Both of them have it, so mama must be the culprit!


Yes, Star… yes, indeed.

Pretty mama!

Prettiest Pip ever!

Teeny is no longer teeny. In fact, Teeny is HUGE.

I know this is blurry, but the look of pure joy on Mini’s face as she licks the feather kills me dead. She looks like she’s eating an ice cream cone.

Watch out, Mini, you’re about to get bunny-kicked in the face by Shorty!

After 17 days, the Munchkins have their last dose of their SECOND course of Metronidazole this morning. Twelve more days will bring us to five weeks of Tylan. Fingers crossed that we can get rid of this diarrhea by that time! As much as I’ll miss them, I know the sooner they can find homes where they can be part of a family and have a whole house to run around in, the better.

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