Pip is one of the prettiest silver tabbies I’ve seen.

Teeny is not-so-teeny anymore.

Yummy water.

Happy Toesday from Shorty!

And happy Toesday from Mini or Half-Pint! (I couldn’t tell you whose toes these were if I tried.)

Rose wants to join the Toesday celebration too.

Over the weekend, I got to meet one of my former fosters, and I got a chance to snap some pictures of her…

Know who it is? Any guesses?

That’s Roxie! Hasn’t she become the most floofily fabulous girl you’ve ever seen?

As you might recall, Roxie and her last remaining kitten, Chessie, went to another foster shortly after we got the Munchkins; Chessie was adopted a few weeks after, and Roxie is currently still with her new foster, waiting to be adopted. She seems very happy; she gets along with the resident dog and cats, and she’s getting plenty of love and attention in her foster home while she waits.