Almost nine months ago, I received a call from the local animal shelter about a little pregnant tortie that had just come in and did I want her? Well, what kind of a question was that? Of COURSE I wanted her! In fact, I whipped the foster room into shape and was there within the hour to pick up my girl. I remember my first glimpses of her through the carrier, our first quiet moments together that night. I remember my surprise and relief when she gave birth to five healthy kittens the next day, and the joy I felt watching her raise them.

Once the kittens were three months old, they were all adopted within a weekend. Mimosa wasn’t. She had itchy scabs and hair loss all along her neck. Every week, I’d ready my towels and sponge her down with lovely orange lime dip. Her hair grew back in, and I watched her personality blossom. I knew everything about her – like the way she liked to hide behind furniture to leap out at her toys, or the way she loved to have her tummy rubbed (sometimes) or the way she would walk up to you with a squeaky little meow and rub her nose against your cheek.

Yesterday, my greatest wish came true: Mimosa’s forever family found her. I’m beyond elated and wish her a smooth transition to her new home and a long life. There’s a few sweet pictures on Facebook, in honor of our Mimosa.

This is a pretty shot of Half-Pint, don’t you think? He’s so cute.

Teeny, being regal.

Being this cute is just EXHAUSTING.

Pip is awake and ready for action!

Oh, doesn’t Rose have the most lovely eyes?