Sorry for the unexpected blogging hiatus last week.

Rose has been pulled from the adoption listings for a couple of weeks because she’s been losing hair. We had a fungal culture done, which came back negative. We tried an antibiotic injection, Prednisone pills, and Revolution, and when all that didn’t work, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to start the lime baths. Still, we thought that it was probably a hormonal thing, or maybe some sort of fungus similar to what Mimosa and Sugar Pie had, which never spread to the other cats.

This week, I learned that some of the cats who’d been at the adoption center had ringworm. The rest of it clicked, and I realized that Rose did, in fact, have ringworm. I spent the week vacuuming and bleaching the whole house and especially Rose’s room. Rose has been quarantined, of course, and I’m always careful to wash my hands after leaving. Now I’m also wearing special clothes when I go in, I spray a bleach solution on my hands after leaving, and I won’t be spending much time with her for the next three weeks or so while we continue the lime dips. This means you won’t be seeing any photos of Rose for a while, either.

Meanwhile, the Munchkins are on their sixth and final week of Tylan for the cryptosporidium and their fourth day of their third course of Metronidazole.  I am trying a new probiotic which has shown to have some efficacy against clostridium.

With all that going on, you may not hear much from me this week, unless something dramatic happens like the world turns upside-down and we start walking on the sky, or the kittens start getting better. All I want is for them to be adopted.

(This is me)

We appreciate your support so very much.