SWEETIEPIE_3:2:16In this picture, it looks like Sweetie Pie has a patch of orange of his chest, but it’s just the way the light is angled.

CUTIE PIE IN THE SUN_3:2:16Cutie Pie in the sun.

EATING_3:2:16The girls – Tweetie Pie, Honey Pie, and Pinkie Pie – have got this eating thing DOWN.


PINKIE PIE AND MAMA2_3:2:16“Hey, kid, you STINK! C’mere, you need a BATH!”

PINKIE PIE AND MAMA_3:2:16Pinkie Pie loves her mama.

SUGAR PIE_3:2:16_DEEP THOUGHTSDeep Thoughts for mama.


Last weekend, I made something really cool for my Etsy shop that I wanted to share with y’all.

First, I printed out 28 of my best nature photographs on 5×7 double-sided matte photo paper.

All Nature Photos (Planner)

Nature Photos

Next, I used the CINCH machine on each individual page to cut neat little circles for the binding.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.35.21 PM

Lining it all up on the binding wire.

Lining it all up

CINCHing it all together.


A sweet little nature planner, with a different photo for every day of the week!

The final nature planner

But wait… I made something else that I think you’re really going to like.

Cat Photos Planner

It was REALLY hard to narrow it down to just 28 photos.

Cat Planner (Suki)

My heart always beat a little faster whenever I pressed down on the CINCH machine to make the little holes, because you can’t be sure that it’ll come out right until after you press it down.

Envisioning the end result

Cat Planner (Zipper)

Envisioning the end result.

Completed cat planner

Both planners

And there you are! The nature planner and the kitten planner will available on my Etsy shop, probably this weekend. Enjoy!


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