3-3-16 Six Weeks Old!

Today is the Pie Babies’ six week birthday. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by… time flies when you’re watching kittens grow!

Want to look at their baby pictures again, and compare to how they look now? You know you do!

Here’s Sweetie Pie, then…

Sweetie Pie

…and Sweetie Pie now. Back them, I said I thought he’d be medium or long haired. He isn’t really long haired, but I think his fur will end up being longer than the other kittens’.


Tweetie Pie.Tweetie Pie

Pinkie Pie.IMG_8329


Cutie Pie.IMG_9326


Honey Pie.
When the kittens were first born, I wrote about how it was really hard to tell the two tabbies apart, and that I hoped they’d start to look more different as they grew. They still look very similar, but I can tell the difference between them now. Their faces are different – Pinkie Pie’s face is more grayish and her features are more sharply defined, and Honey Pie’s face is more brown and her features are softer. From this picture, can you guess which one is which?


These girls sure do love each other! Wouldn’t it be great if they were adopted together?! Then again, maybe that wouldn’t be so good, because their family might have a hard time telling them apart! Oh, well.

In the comments, someone asked about Rembrandt (to the left in the “Fosters in Residence” sidebar). I got Rembrandt about two weeks ago from the pound. He was a stray that was picked up by Animal Control, and he is FABULOUSLY fluffy. At first, I thought he might be Maine Coon, but he bears striking resemblance to a fluffy black cat breed: the Tiffany / Chantilly. What do you think he might be?



IMG_1020Rembrandt wants to give you a great big bear hug! (That bare patch under his arm is where the fur was matted and shaved off.)

IMG_1086He likes attention, but only for as long as he wants. And you BETTER not try to pet him while he’s laying down.



Such a handsome boy.


  1. My lord, don’t they grow fast!

    (This also means it’s been six weeks since I had kittens – THIS TYRANNY WILL NOT STAND.)

    Rembrandt is one gorgeous boy – he’s so striking. I particularly like the shot of him in the basket.

  2. Holly Waterfall

    Such gorgeous kittens. 6 wks does fly by. Pinkie Pie’s eye liner comes out a little straighter from her eyes than that of Honey Pie’s also. They both are great.

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