“If you sit in the middle of the plate like this, that’s the best way to make sure you get your fair share.”tweetie pie eating in the middle of the dish

So far, I think Pinkie Pie is the biggest eater.Pinkie Pig thurrp:thurrrp:

IMG_1542“Dat was yummy.”


When the top of the kitten pen is open, the kittens can climb out.IMG_1722


IMG_1627“You do NOT wake up a baby kitteh from his nap. I need my SLEEP!”

IMG_1687Honey Pie would like you to know that she is the most beautiful and most adorable kitten in all of Kittenland.


  1. I always used to be puzzled by kittens standing in food and eating from the opposite side of the plate until I realized they were hoarding food.. no one else can eat what I’m standing on, so I’ll start with the stuff over there and work my way back.. *shakes head* kittens..

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