4-11-16 Waiting for Babies

I am getting really excited for these babies. Since Summer’s only 8 months old, and this is her first litter, I’ve been reading up on what to do if something goes wrong and gathering all my emergency kitten birthin’ supplies: paper towels, floss, scissors, scale, blankets, kitten bottles and formula, and a charged camera.





IMG_9056Her tail fur is so soft and thick.

IMG_9081It kinda looks like a fuzzy little caterpillar, don’t you think?


(I’m still enjoying the anticipation. But ask me again in a few weeks if she hasn’t had them yet, and I might not give the same answer. )

IMG_8912A few weeks after Sugar Pie’s spay, some soft brown hairs are starting to come back in.

IMG_8936Look at those eyyyyes.

IMG_8937Aren’t they preettttttty?

IMG_8951Sweet boy.

IMG_8982“You better be good, people of the Internets, cause I iz watching you.”

IMG_9012::chomp:: Right after I took this picture, Sweetie Pie made the most outrageous Open Mouthย of Outrage. Such a shame that I stopped clicking the shutter. Sighhh.

IMG_8921Mama Sugar is starting to get tired of being in the foster room… she wants to be out in the rest of the house. Sorry, Mama, no can do.


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