4-13-16 Bad News

Well, there’s bad news: My camera isn’t working. Well, it’s not entirely dysfunctional – it can still take pictures, but the focusing ring is stuck, and the camera can’t focus at all. I do have another lens, but it’s not nearly as good for closeups. I’m not sure whether to try to get it fixed or just get a new lens. I think that if I try to get it fixed, it could end up costing as much as a new lens anyway, and – worse – it could take WEEKS to get it back. I can’t wait that long!! I’m feeling like I want to run to the camera store tomorrow and just get a new lens. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it sorted out before Summer has those babies! There might not be as many pictures for the next few days, so just bear with me for a little while.

IMG_9293“What, meeeeee? Mess with the camera? I wouldn’t do anything like thaaaaaaaattt!”

IMG_9315Watch out, Honey Pie is comin’ to get some lovin’!

IMG_9306“Hi, Internet people, hi! Look at all this stuff behind me!”

IMG_9329Sweetie Pie, looking up at his mama.

IMG_9322“Hey, whatchoo got in here, lady? Something for us?”

IMG_9319I should have called them the Investigators.

Yesterday, I was feeling concerned that Summer hasn’t eaten anything, and because she’s been vomiting. So I decided to take her back into the vet. The vet did another quick ultrasound and found at least four babies, all of them still viable. Summer’s lost weight (although it could be a difference in scales, because it was a different vet) but other than that, she and the babies are fine – no parasites that they found or anything like that. The vet suggested to try to syringe feed her a little bit of the Recovery food and see if she gets the idea and starts eating on her own. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and when I was there, the receptionist was bottle feeding three one-week-old kittens, and I got to see them. They were so tiny – eyes still closed, with stubby little half-tails. Any time I’m not fostering little bitty babies, I forget how little they are and it amazes me all over again. I could hear them wailing while I was in the room with Summer, and she lifted her head and listened. Maybe that will motivate her! 😀

IMG_9356I think her belly has definitely gotten bigger.

IMG_9362You gonna give me those babies soon, Summer? Huh?

IMG_9374“I’ll have ’em when I’m good and ready, lady!”

IMG_9382I SO hope she waits till I can get my lens sorted out!

Give me your guesses as to when Summer will have her babies, and what they’ll look like. I can’t wait to see what you all think.


  1. Oh, I would be VERY VERY SAD if my camera acted up like that!

    I’m going to predict that Summer will have her kittens on April 20th (that’s my nephew’s birthday, so why not?) and she’ll have one orange, one black, one brown tabby and one mini-Summer. Or she’ll have a litter of all-black kittens, just to make life hard. 🙂

    • Three Tiny Tabbies

      I’m working on it!! I’ve decided to get a new lens, which stinks that I have to do that, but… oh well. At least if I buy a new one, I know I can use it right away.

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