4-14-16 Still Baking

So right now I am cameraless and kittenless. Well, sort of – I still have Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie, and I can still use my other lens, just not my favorite lens.

Speaking of lenses, I’ve decided to just go ahead and get a new lens. That will happen hopefully tomorrow. Until it does, how about some Throwback Thursday pictures of the Pies?

IMG_9826Oh, that FACE.

IMG_9842I showed this picture to Pinkie Pie and Honey Pie and asked which one of them it was, and neither one of them answered. Hmph.

IMG_0063“My foot smells weird.”

IMG_0065On a scale of 1-10, how cute IS Pinkie Pie?

IMG_0449(Rhetorical question, obviously.)

IMG_0365Tweetie Pie, judging you.

IMG_0426Baby Sweetie Pie. Waaaaahhhhh!

IMG_0328“Hi hi, it’s me, Cutie Pie! Want a hug?”

IMG_0315Deep Thoughts for Sweetie Pie.

IMG_0353Iiiiiiiiiit’s snacktime!

Summer didn’t take to the syringe feeding too happily. My vet said it was okay to do Pepcid and cyproheptadine (appetite stimulant), so I’ve started that, but she doesn’t like taking the pills, either. She did eat a little bit more last night, though.

IMG_9430Giiiiiiiive me those babies, Summer! :grabbyhands:

(Truthfully, I don’t mind WHEN she has the babies as long as I can be around to see it happen! I’m sure she’s going to have them in the middle of the night or during the day sometime when I’m not home.)


  1. […] Eventually the camera stopped displaying the fuzzy black rectangle and only showed an error message screen that stated “ERR 20: Shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery.” It also made weird twitchy noises when it was turned on. And the foster mom was very worried because it reminded her of when her lens malfunctioned (barely a year ago) and she had to buy a new one. […]

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