4-15-16 Hello, New Lens, It’s Nice to Meet You

Goodbye, old lens. It’s been a pleasure working with you these past two years…

…hello, new lens. It’s nice to meet you. I hope this is the beginning of a happy and LONG relationship.

(The new lens is almost the same, but the way it focuses is a little bit different. I’m not sure what I think of that yet – I’m probably just imagining most of the difference because of the sound it makes as it focuses. According to the Internet, the focusing motor on the new lens is better, so hopefully I’ll adjust to it.)


IMG_9886If you haven’t died from cuteness yet, you’re probably immune to it.

IMG_0071Whatcho listenin’ to, Mama?

IMG_0055“Just having some box time.”

Can you believe it’s been two and a half weeks since Honey Pie and Sweetie Pie were adopted? They’ll be going home – together – on Sunday. That’s the one thing about fostering… it doesn’t get any easier the longer you keep them.

I have good news about Summer – her appetite has picked up! Last night she ate a little bit more of the wet food then usual. I also gave her a new kind of crunchy food that is meant for kitties with sensitive skin and tummies, and she seemed to like it. Maybe it’s the new food, maybe it’s the cyproheptadine kicking in, maybe her hunger finally got the better of her. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet, but I hope she continues to eat more. She’s got to feed herself and a belly full of babies!

She got to enjoy some time on the screened porch today.


IMG_9498“Let’s see lady, you want babies? Well I’m afraid I can’t help you there. I guess you’ll just have to ask another cat.”

IMG_9759It’s too bad she’s not more interested in the canned food, or else I’d totally be bribing her.

IMG_9619Want yourself some belleh?

IMG_9813Sweet sweet girl.

IMG_9820“A litter of all-black kittens? So you can’t tell them apart? Why, I think I’ll do just that! Thanks for the idea, Internet people!”

Want to know what else happened yesterday?


wait for it….







IMG_0482This is Jackson.

IMG_0446And this is Pinky. (I didn’t name them.)

They’re brother and sister, about six months old. As you might guess, they came from the same place as Tinee. They were picked up by another foster about a week ago, but the foster is now sick so I offered to take them for her until she feels better. They are some NICE CATS – not as playful or active as Tinee, but they love attention. The female is a bit quieter, the male is more outgoing.

Better pictures coming next week!


  1. Glad to hear Summer is eating more.. that would be funny if her entire litter was black.. not very likely but highly amusing.

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