4-25-16 A Conversation with Summer

My conversation with Summer yesterday went something like this:

Me: “Are they done yet?”
IMG_1838Summer: “No.”

Me: “How ’bout now?”IMG_1849 Summer: “Nope.”

Me: “Are they done NOW?”IMG_1876 Summer: “No.”

Me: “How about NOW!?”
IMG_1863Summer: “For the last time, human, you can see for yourself THEY ARE STILL BAKING! Goodness, what part of ‘NO’ don’t you understand?”

IMG_1902Oh, that smug little girl.


  1. Holly Waterfall

    Oh dear. I hope Summer doesn’t get too worried she is doing it wrong with all those questions. I am predicting somewhere close to Mother’s Day. That would be very fitting don’t you think?

  2. GD

    Summer is such a pretty pretty girl. I think her name suites her perfectly. Am looking forward to seeing what flavor her babies are!

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