5-19-17 In which a new resident arrives at the House of Tabbies

Hello, sweet girl.

Isn’t she pretty?

Her name is Bettie, and she’s six months old.

So, this is the story of Bettie.

Before you get too excited, know that we’re just baby-sitting her for about a week or so until her “real” foster is back from out of town. However, she is a real sweetheart, and we are excited to get to know her while she’s here!

Bettie showed up in a feral colony a couple of weeks ago, and the kind lady that is taking care of the feral cats noticed that she was not feral. When she brought her in, she noticed that she was dragging her foot and not putting weight on it. She brought Bettie to the vet, who thought that she had been in a fight with some other animal. The lady asked us (and by us, I mean the rescue group I foster for) for help in finding her a new home, so we agreed to take her in and placed her with a foster. After a couple of weeks, her leg had not improved, so we brought her to our usual vet (who is quite good at thinking outside the box to solve unusual rescue situations – trust me, you see a LOT of unusual medical scenarios in the rescue world). Out of curiosity, the vet did an X-ray and found that she had not, in fact, been in a fight with another animal. Some cruel bastard had shot her with a BB gun, and the bullet had lodged in her spine, severing all the nerves in her tail and leaving one of her hind legs weak and dragging.

Luckily for her, she is now with us and will know nothing but kindness for the rest of her life. We are electing to go ahead with surgery to try to remove the bullet in hopes that she will regain use of her leg – right now, she can move her leg, but she walks with her foot crumpled and it seems that it is a little hard for her to control her leg. She has no feeling in her tail.

Her surgery will happen on Monday, and the vet says there is a 50% chance it will help her to walk normally again. So please send some purrs and prayers that the surgery will help!

Here’s a little video – it’s not the best quality, but I wanted to show you how she walks. Her leg is bandaged because the part of her foot that touches the floor is a little raw.

HELLO, Mimosa, pretty girl!

Oh, pretty Mimosa, don’t look so annoyed. You need to put on your cutest face for potential adopters!



  1. Heidi K.

    Bettie!! What a sweetheart… so glad for brighter prospects now that she is with your rescue group!!

  2. Mary McNeil

    Purrayers and POTP that the surgery can help Bette. She sure is a beauty, and so young !

    Mimosa, you are a tortie-lovers dream !

  3. bettie; you are a gorgeous gal; we are truly sorry about the BB; we send the blessings of St Francis to you that your surgery is a success and your on the roads of health and healing in
    very soon ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  4. Sending purrs and hugs to Bettie; we all want only the very best for you, sweetheart, and hoping that karma comes back around for whomever shot you! Mimosa, you are a star!

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