Look look! I ALMOST got the whole litter in one picture! Well, five out of six is close enoguh, isn’t it?

Cory has the sweetest eyes.

I wonder what kind of secrets Mister Oakley is telling Fawn.

The two girls are the SWEETEST, I’m telling you.

Always on my lap.

I mean, not that I have favorites or anything. Just saying.

Three beautiful boys.

… and their beautiful Mum.

The boys are so cute together. I love it when they sleep together.

Crazy whiskers!

Bettie is doing really well. She will go back to the vet this Thursday to get her stitches out and then she will be going back to her original foster. I’ll definitely keep you updated as how her leg improves. We will miss her sweet self a lot, for sure!

Squeek, Squeek, oh, how I adore you!

See her? Isn’t she ADORABLE?


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