6-10-16 The kittens explore a new place

Yesterday I brought Misty, Breezy, Splash, and Summer out onto the screened porch to get them used to a new place and new sounds. Misty had something to say about that.

IMG_3171“Not sure about this, lady.”

IMG_3169“Not sure at ALL.”

IMG_3142Splash was a little alarmed by her sister’s mewing, and didn’t want to come out of the carrier, until I finally brought her out.

IMG_3326Once she was out, she was not scared at ALL, and found a comfortable place to nap.


IMG_3311Misty was a little skeered at first…

IMG_3302…but she soon got used to the strange new place.

IMG_3209Summer was very very nervous when I was carrying her downstairs. When I put her out there, she was nervous for a little while until she realized that everything was okay, and she became more relaxed and confident again. When I picked her up again to carry her back upstairs, she got anxious again – I’m not sure why, maybe carrying her through the house and seeing a strange place made her afraid?

IMG_3288Breezy has a little scratch on his nose. I think Misty kicked him too hard when they were playing. Time to start trimming their claws soon!

IMG_3294Breezy, being his goofy self.

IMG_3276He luuuuuves his mama.

IMG_3369SUCH a poser.

IMG_3383Baff time.

I also found this bonus clip of Misty taking her first drink of water. It’s a little shaky because Summer kept getting in the way, but insanely adorable nonetheless!

IMG_3415Sugar Pie has got the Eyes of Wonder.

IMG_3412She finds my jacket quite comfortable.

Yesterday, in the wee hours of the night, I was up late (later than I would’ve preferred) and I heard Sugar Pie meowing, and meowing, and meowing, in an insistent way that she doesn’t usually do. I wondered briefly why she was meowing, but I was trying to work quickly to finish something, so I didn’t think too much about it. And then I saw her walking toward me with an orange toy in her mouth and an inquiring look in her eyes, still wailing. ALWAYS cracks me up when they meow like that after they “catch” their prey, and I SO wish I’d had a camera. (And of course I threw it for her after she dropped it at my feet.)


  1. I adore how their ears were all low when it was all new and they were unsure.. 🙂

    She dropped it at your feet? how sweet!!

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