Dark Tail has a smug.

Oh, how I ADORE this fluffy little monster.

He’s such a brat. If I’m not sitting down so he can sit on my lap, he cries for me to pick him up.

Posing with his sister (this is the best I can do to get them in one shot!)

For some reason, the girls are photo hogs.

The boys, not so much; I’ve only got one good one of the gray one.

Don’t fall… don’t fall…

Harmony is as gorgeous as ever these days.

Hey… guess who’s back!

It’s Colby!

And Chessie!

And Blaze!

And Fawn!

And Roxy!

Yes, Roxy’s kittens are back (other than Cory and Oakley, of course, who have been adopted). Their foster mom has an elderly mother who is having trouble getting around and recently ended up in the hospital, so we agreed to take them back for her. The young ones got their first distemper shots and combo tests yesterday (all negative, yay!) Colby got his second distemper shot yesterday, and Roxy has been spayed.

The boys and Roxy are doing pretty well, but the girls… not so much. The other foster mom said they’ve been vomiting and not eating much these past few days, and the vet really didn’t give us a definitive reason why that might be. They both seem really thin and quiet, although they might have been sleepy because they had their shots and were tired. Whatever the reason, I am going to keep a very close watch on them, weighing them every day and making sure I offer them all kinds of food often. If necessary I will syringe feed them, but hopefully their appetite will pick up before I need to do that.


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