I think Fawn has one of the sweetest kitten faces I’ve ever seen.

Y’all don’t NEED proof of that, but I know you want it anyway!

I’m so in love this this picture of Colby I took yesterday.

I swear I don’t remember Colby being this light when he was with us before. He seems so much lighter and more silvery now.

Maybe he’s becoming lighter as he matures.

Chessie loved hanging out in the hammock when he was with us before, and he still loves it now that he’s back!

Blaze is doing pretty well and eating, but Fawn is still on and off as far as eating; she also has diarrhea and will probably need a round of Metronidazle. We are trying to persuade her to eat as much as she will.

Guess who has the most beautiful eyes?
Bettie, of course!

Bettie is going back to the vet tomorrow for another post-surgery checkup, and we will be sure to let you know what the verdict is.


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