Scooter has the biggest, cutest, sternest, most expressive looking eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.

99% sure I was waving the scratcher-toy above thie heads to get this picture.

I adore the little ear tilt. So much personality.

So, it seems that … things are not going too well with Teddi. I can’t tempt him to eat anything, and I’ve tried every different kind of food I can think of. He’s just listless, and doesn’t rough and tumble with his siblings like he did at first. He’s lost weight, so I’m starting to syringe-feed him (maybe I’m paranoid, but I’d rather be paranoid, knowing how fragile kittens are). I don’t know what it is – it might be a reaction to the distemper shot (wouldn’t be the first time), or maybe he has coccidia or some kind of virus. It’s likely that he’ll be going back to the vet today.

On a more positive note, Fawn and Blaze are doing really well and their appetite has picked up a lot.

I’ve started to realize that maaaaaybe I am a bit obsessed with taking pictures of Fawn.

Actually, make that any cat.

Just a boy in his hammock.

Colby has beautiful eyes.

I promised you an update on Bettie, so here it is!

Three weeks post-surgery, Bettie is still dragging the toes in her weak leg; however, the vet thinks it will be at least two more months before we can say with greater certainty wheteher or not she will regain nerve function in her leg.

We’re going to research some options as far as physical therapy for her. The vet showed us how to get her to move her leg by gently pinching the space between her toes. In the meantime, since she really wants to play, we’re probably going to set up a room for her so she can have more space but not jump too high and risk injuring her leg.


  1. Bettie; we are sorry the news was not the best; but happy there’s a procedure to try to help you; Teddi; please feel way better, real quick and we hope you start eating….like NOW…..blessings of St Francis to you ~~~~~~ ♥♥

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