6-19-17 A Tragic Tale

Once upon a time, a foster mom who had a lot of foster kittens needed to get some pictures to post on her blog. So she brought her camera and a plate of food and went to visit the kittens.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The kittens climbed all over their foster mom’s back like they usually do and nibbled food off of her fingers from her lap (because they are spoiled and their foster mom really wants to make sure they eat something (more on that later)).

Everything was going fine…



There was nothing in front of the camera, and a fuzzy black shape started appearing on the camera screen (and it wasn’t Teddi).

The foster mom panicked and abandoned the bewildered kittens in their room to try to figure out what was wrong with the camera.

The foster mom tried turning the camera on and off and changing out the battery, as the camera suggested. She also tried putting on the other lens. Nothing worked! The fuzzy black rectangle was still there. Sometimes it changed position, or sometimes it wasn’t even there at all.

Eventually the camera stopped displaying the fuzzy black rectangle and only showed an error message screen that stated “ERR 20: Shooting is not possible due to an error. Turn the camera off and on again or re-install the battery.” It also made weird twitchy noises when it was turned on. And the foster mom was very worried because it reminded her of when her lens malfunctioned (barely a year ago) and she had to buy a new one.

Luckily for YOU, the foster mom was able to rescue all of her pictures by inserting the memory card into her computer. Now the foster mom will have to figure out how she wants to space out the posting of the pictures she has left in case it takes her a while to get a working camera body again.


(Or maybe I should say TO BE CONTINUED.)

Teddi, Yahtzee, Yoyo, and Scooter had a rough weekend. On Friday, I took all four kittens to the vet; Teddi was just lethargic and not eating and seemed very thin, and Yahtzee and Yoyo were vomiting, and Scooter… well, he was doing okay, but I figured I’d bring him too.

The vet did an exam on Teddi and couldn’t find anything wrong, and she did a fecal test and didn’t find anything. I then suggested she do a fecal test on one of the others, which she did and still didn’t find anything. The vet gave Teddi some fluids and suggested we try Albon for the coccidia we suspected they had but weren’t shedding.

So on Friday night, I gave them the Albon, and by the next day they really weren’t any better. None of them were eating and I was getting pretty worried. I spoke to the vet and one of the other experienced fosters, and we agreed to drop the Albon and give them Ponazuril and Tylan. (Tylan is an antibiotic for the gut; Ponazuril also treats coccidia, but it works much more quickly and I have seen, at least in my own non-scientific observation, that it is also more effective.) The Tylan is very bitter and two of them vomited it right back up after the first dose. However, in my experience with Tylan, they tolerate subsequent doses better and this morning when I gave them their Tylan, all of them kept it down.

Luckily, they have been eating more on their own since those first few doses with some encouragement. I got up around 5 AM last night to give them some baby food, which they ate a little bit of. I’m hoping they will continue to improve and start eating more enthusiastically so they can put on some weight and make up for lost time. I will keep you updated, of course.


  1. Mary McNeil

    Oh, purrs for the kittens to get better, first and foremost. And then for your camera too.

  2. Yup, Albon does not kill coccidia, it just inhibits the reproduction of it so the thought is if you use it the body can fight off what is there. Marquis paste kills coccidia, so it is much more effective. I’m sorry they aren’t doing well and I hope tomorrow’s post brings better news (and a camera that is working)

  3. aw…..we send best fishes and St Francis’ blessings to you all, we hope the new treatment works like it should and by tonight everyone’s appetite is 10000000 purrcent improved ♥♥♥♥♥

    sorry about the camera guys ~~

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