Yesterday was the six-week-birthday of the Raindrops! I weighed them all, and Breezy is the biggest at 1 pound, 14 ounces (!!). Misty’s in the middle at 1 pound, 10 ounces, and wee little Splash is just shy of 1 pound. Let’s put this into purrspective here: this means that Breezy is practically double Splash’s size. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a huge size difference between kittens of the same litter! The good news is that she’s eating well enough, and seems to be doing fine health-wise, but I’m  keeping an eye on her and giving her Nutri-cal every day just to make sure .

IMG_2836Have I mentioned that miss Misty has gorgeous, gorgeous eyes?

IMG_2930(Even if I didn’t, you probably knew that already. 😀 )

IMG_2971Look to the left…

IMG_2966…look to the right…

IMG_2973“Now can I cross the street?”

IMG_2986Misty declares herself Queen of the Scratcher-Hill.

IMG_3084Well, Splash, you don’t blend in to the leopard house quite as well as Misty does, but you’re awful cute.

IMG_3110:maniacal laughter:

IMG_3092Tiny Splash.

IMG_3064And now it is naptime.

IMG_3117Sleepy Breezy.

IMG_3022The kittens consider my lap a good place to nap.

IMG_2912While the kittens snooze, Mama Summer supervises.

IMG_3065She’s certainly good at keeping an eye on things.



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